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The Podcast Studio at The Assemblage

The podcast studio at The Assemblage is a full service, turn-key facility created to help you share your message with the world. 

The Assemblage Park Avenue South

331 Park Ave South New York, NY

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Let's create something amazing together! 

Public $120/hour | Members $95/hour

This includes one audio engineer and up to three microphones for three people at a time. At the end of your session, you receive: 

  • One .WAV and one .mp3 of your session.
  • One isolated .WAV file for each microphone track. 

Note: These can be recorded with or without basic audio processing such as a compressor and equalizer.

Hourly Audio Recording Sessions

Public $900 | Members $825

This includes two hours of audio recording, as described above, as well as an edited version of that session. You will receive the above, plus:

  • An edited version of the session.
  • A 15-30 second audio promo segment with stock music.

Full Audio Podcast Production

Public $4,500 | Members $3,750

Video Podcast Production

Inquire for pricing

Multi-camera livestream to Vimeo, Facebook & Youtube 

Photography (for audio only sessions)

Original music composition

Additional editing services

Additional Services

This includes the Audio Podcast Production package as well as simultaneous multi-camera video capture. With this package, you will receive all of the above, plus: 

  • Story & vocal coaching session.
  • Full, unedited video session (1 camera only).
  • 15-30 second video promo segment.
  • Coaching session on content distribution.
  • Edited show (multi-camera).
  • Photography and edited photos.

Spread the word & Inspire the world

Spread the word & Inspire the world

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